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gregory markeleureka: i have walked through this world, and i have journeyed inward. i have warmed in the light of all things, and i have known the cold that is found in the heart of darkness...i have listened intently to the words of those most pious, and i have nursed from the breast of depravity...i have seen clearly, and i have stumbled in confusion. i have laughed without end, and i have cried without hope. i have given life, and i have taken life. i have reveled in wealth, and i have starved in poverty. i have learned from the greatest books and minds, and i have seen the folly in the vanity of intellect. i have known adulation and victory, and i have known isolation and defeat. i have known what it is to find, and i have known what it is to have lost and i tell you this...i have seen no fortune, nor wisdom, nor pleasure greater - Gregory Markel 
gregory markel