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A.T.S. is an acronym for "All Terrain Spirit." The words All Terrain are borrowed from the acronym A.T.V., or All Terrain Vehicle, which describes 4, 6, or 8 wheeled vehicles that are able to maneuver or navigate successfully through harsh and un-even terrain.

The phrase, "All Terrain Spirit", which I've adopted as my personal "credo," describes a philosophy, or "mindset" that allows one to see one's self as spirit; eternal, impenetrable, and un-stoppable by any force or experience within this material world.

The idea for this phrase came to me while I was running along the beach one day, during a very dark and challenging period in my life. As I ran through the sand and jumped over the occasional hills and ground depressions, I realized that the experience was analogous to the "hills and depressions" that existed in my life at the time.

Therefore, if I felt secure in the knowledge that I could physically run or move through any difficult environment unscathed, why shouldn't I also feel secure in the knowledge that my spirit could move through any life experience unscathed?

And with that thought, the phrase "All Terrain Spirit" or A.T.S. was born.

I shortly thereafter designed a necklace utilizing the A.T.S. acronym, which I wear to remind myself of this inner strength and perspective which I had always possessed, but had somehow forgotten.

Now, whenever my life's "terrain" becomes difficult to move through, I remember to think of myself as an All Terrain Sprit, and then confident in the knowledge that I can move through any experience successfully, I continue onwards...

I hope this concept inspires you to do the same.