"Why the Chair, G?"

Anyone that's known my previous incarnations, knows that I've been a leaping wild man O' much occasional exasperation in my live shows.

When I started doing the solo thing, I felt instinctively that it would be different...less about the external energy, which is so easy and obvious, and more about projecting the energy from deep inside...also, more about guitar playing as well...hence, the sit down approach.

Every focused power needs it's base or foundation...the chair is mine...it grounds me and channels an energy that is all at once happy/sad, good/evil, love/hate, god/devil, slow/fast, old/young, damned/redeemed, heaven/hell, light/dark, spiritual/worldly and I believe, tells each persons life story...birth, light, love and death through it's various icon's and symbols...

These days, my music/art seems very aligned with a yearning for spiritual "connectedness"  outside of this sterile and soulless "modern world", the chair seems to be an extension of that...for now, the chair suits me.