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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What is the meaning of life?" i i
"Does he/she love me?" i
"What should I wear?" i
"Is there a God?" i
"What's on TV?" i
"Does my hair look okay?" i i
"Is professional wrestling real?" i
"Do I look fat?" i
"How much are the payments?" i
"Is he/she hot?" i
"Did you see Survivor last night?" i
"Are my breasts big enough?" i
"Is my penis small?" i
"Do you think Anna Nicole Smith deserves the money?" i
"Do you think I'm beautiful?" i i
"Do you believe in Heaven?" i
"How do I get my girfriend/boyfriend to shut up?" i
Q Suggested by KS
"Did you cum?" i i i i i
Q Suggested by anonymous

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