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death, transfiguration, and the emergence of joy 
waiting and watching

alchemical love

Real love, not false, nor projected, nor transactional love, but real love,
will require you to look into it's mirror and face that which challenges and frightens you the most about yourself.

Love's reflection of yourself will humble you.

Your ego and wounds will be revealed in the light of love's truth, and the process that will then begin, from what you are to what you yearn to be, from false love to real love, will be amongst the hardest you will ever experience
and you will wish to quit...

But you must not quit, for the pain of your transformation is not a final destination, but an alchemical gateway of birth that will precede the great happiness of your awakening in a place where your ego cannot exist and your deepest wounds, at last, are healed,..a place where you'll meet your true self for the first time
as you hold your dearest beloved tenderly within the ever renewing beauty, truth, and light of real love..

death, transfiguration, and the emergence of joy

a struggle and
momentarily fallen,
she rises with purpose...
she stands and trembles...alone
choosing revelation amidst the chaos
over and above, her soul searches for light
seeking the calm and stillness of the familiar self
reaching beyond her reach, and in stretching discovers
limitations self imposed, reverently exposed by flickering belief
as water seeks it's own level, adapting to all obstacles and divisions,
so does the ancient wisdom in her seek her own solution, her own relevance
assertive, strong, and visionary...confidence takes root in the knowledge found
not in an oracle, book, nor yearning prose, but in the beauty of the pedals forming
and taking shape with the growing, reassuring clarity of her own blossoming consciousness

she is at once unbound

she is at last newly found

she greets her own epiphany

she is reborn




i have walked through this world, and i have journeyed inward

i have warmed in the light of all things, and i have known the cold that is found in the heart of darkness...

i have listened intently to the words of those most pious, and i have nursed from the breast of depravity...

i have seen clearly, and i have stumbled in confusion

i have laughed without end, and i have cried without hope

i have given life, and i have taken life

i have reveled in wealth, and i have starved in poverty

i have learned from the greatest books and minds, and i have seen the folly in the vanity of intellect

i have known adulation and victory, and i have known isolation and defeat

i have known what it is to find, and i have known what it is to have lost

and i tell you this...

i have seen no fortune, nor wisdom, nor pleasure greater



wating and watching

at times i feel an organic lens

scanning horizon, feeding endlessly

i need, i want

i am not satisfied

until the scene is just right

satisfaction lasts... shot!